20th Oliver Cromwell Jazz Festival
Upton-on-Severn, 24th-26th June 2005

We didn't have a clue what to expect. We booked completely on the recommendation of some friends. Music, beer and good company was promised, and delivered. We'll not mention the rain and mud.

After a pleasant drive, we arrived at the village of Upton-on-Severn, in the early evening of Friday. It was completely overrun with jazz-oriented acoutrements! Very well organised though. The campsite (500 caravans/motorcaravans at a guess, all arranged in circles so you can get out quickly if a caravan goes up, the steward said!) was very good; flat and firm with water tanks and sewage tanks dotted around.

The festival comprised a handful of large marquees, having live music non-stop during the (extended) waking hours. Interspersed was a large number of food stalls. Very good food too. In addition to the ubiquitous burger and chips, I found some ackee, a Jamaican fish dish, and a crepe with cherries and cherry brandy! Craft stalls of all styles competed for attention.

Various venues within the village played host to music too, and most of the shops were open all weekend. The whole village seemed to be in the swing of it all. This is definitely a weekend to repeat.

Take a look at the official Upton Jazz website.

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